London Centre Training

provides specialist training in the fields Management, Finance, Law, Engineering, Public Relation and Media. Our Courses benefits from the intellectual capacity of our location.

London is a global melting point for academics and practitioners. London Centre Training has built strong relations with the World Leading professionals and pioneers in their fields, to produce cutting edge training and knowledge.

Our trainers are at the pinnacle of their academic and professional careers with the majority of them holding PHDs and have over 10 years of experience.

Our leadership at London Centre Training are to academics who have invested their relationships with British Universities to produce the most up-to-date training material for our clients.



To continually lead the fields of Training, research and consulting with credibility and creativity .



To exploit the practical experiences, and the academic and scientific advances to enrich and develop our clients’ capabilities exceeding their expectations.


To be a pioneering centre in the fields of training, research and consultancy.

To deploy the intellectual and practical capacity available in the UK for the benefits of our clients globally.